Incubator X SME

The complete program helps your team get inspired, ideate, and incubate business solutions that can bring the next leap in your business.

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Incubator X SME supports SME from Romania and the region to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and increase competitiveness by going through an innovation program in which they learn to transform ideas into new products and services.


Connect with top SME founders and learn from their experience. Includes meetings and company visit online and offline (if possible).


Stimulate innovation among your team and generate brilliant solutions for your customers' challenges in dedicated workshops.


Discover frameworks and canvases that help you prioritize the ideas and implement them with your team. Get the best help from coaches.


Once you prioritize your idea, you need to validate it with real customers. Learn how to get honest answers from your clients.


Our mentors and coaches guide each step so you can safely test your ideas and get instant feedback.


Build your first MVP with the right tools for your early adopters and learn how to integrate their first feedback.

Program Phases



Learn best practices in developing innovative solutions from successful entrepreneurs. Includes online and physical events (if possible) with top innovators and entrepreneurs from Romania and abroad.



Workshop series that empower employees and managers to find creative solutions for business challenges and new ideas, leading to innovative products and services. Work together with facilitators, mentors and experienced innovators.



Four months intensive program in which selected teams will prototype, test and validate their ideas iteratively with a Lean Startup mindset. Mentorship, PM support and many other resources to ensure the business success.

Program Timeline

The program starts with an inspirational path to show entrepreneurship and innovation as viable futures for motivated companies. Participation in the first two stages is free of charge, and the third stage requires a participation fee of €784. The low cost of participation in the program is made possible by EBRD support, with funding provided by the European Union under Horizon 2020.

Feb 1 - Feb 28

Application Period

March 1 - March 13

Selection & Confirmation Period

March 15


March 18 - March 31

Ideate & Discover

April 8 - April 10

SparkX Hackathon

April 11 - July 29


Eligibility Criteria


Company size

(1) Up to €50 million in annual turnover or with a balance sheet total of less than €43 million.


Private businesses majority owned by local entrepreneurs, or by entrepreneurs from EBRD's countries of operations (


Almost every sector and industry, excluding EBRD and Horizon 2020 prohibited sectors (military activities or production, tobacco, gambling, financial services, animal testing or genetics).


We expect the companies we work with to abide by high standards of integrity. We do not work with businesses that have ongoing or previous legal proceedings in place that might affect the implementation of the project.


Financially and commercially viable (in case of start-ups, potentially viable).


Open and committed management to assign a team to work part time during the incubator.


Finalists will be rated by the jury consisting of Board Members, Executives and Advisors from EBRD, Ascendis and their partners.

CORNEL AMARIEICEO and Founder .Lumen

IONUT TARCEACo-Founder X By Ascendis



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