Create new products, services, and businesses

A full-time, 3 to 6 months program, in which employees or individuals create new products, services or companies. Space, training, mentorship and a prototyping budget is included for prototyping, testing and validating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

IX Incubator Set-up

Plan and build the Incubation

Create the branding, marketing campaigns and partnerships required to attract the top ideas and individuals to the Incubator. Either from inside the organization (Internal Incubator) or from the general public (External Incubator).

Generate ideas and teams

The tool which creates the context needed for individuals to bring ideas and build teams around them. Usually, Hackathons and Ideation Sessions, but more tools can be used.

Identify startups, organizations and individuals

In the case of an External Incubator, identify the relevant startups and research projects which your company wants to accelerate.

IX Prototype, Test, Validate
Transform ideas into impact

Use the provided resources - funding, networking, mentoring and training to quickly prototype, test and validate the ideas, in an agile fashion, until the solution is either on the market or killed.

IX Demo Day
Present the MVPs

At the end of the program, the startups will present their progress in front of management, investors and other relevant stakeholders. Projects completing the program have several options:
Integration – in the sponsor company as a new product or service
Spin-off – as new startups with access to the network provided by X

IX Incubate for You
Let us build your ideas

Your company has ideas but not the time to transform them into new businesses. Over the years, we have built tens of projects in various fields, and with Incubate for You, we can transform your ideas into new products, services or businesses


New Ventures by Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship

A full-time (3-6 months) program in which employees or individuals create a company and/or a product/service. Space, training, mentorship and budget are included for prototyping, testing and validating to Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

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