Create Context for Ideation

Everyone has ideas, but without the right context, they will keep their ideas to themselves and forget them. SparkX creates the context for ideas to be heard and pushed forwards through two main sections:

Ideation Events – Hackathons, Design Thinking Camps and Boot camps which offer ideas and creativity a chance.

Idea Management Platform – Gives each employee student or individual a chance for their ideas to be heard, through a tailored web platform. It includes the software, processes and engagement strategy.

SX Hackathon

From idea to product in 24 hours

Ideas can be validated in one day! In a hackathon, individuals and teams come with ideas and they develop them to low-fi prototypes and pitches. All, in 24 to 72 hours.

SX Boot Camp

Hundreds of ideas, in hours

Events where participants use ideation tools to generate hundreds of ideas, funnel them and choose which can have an impact. Over the years we have validated over 20 methods which make any group of people come with innovative ideas.

SX Design Thinking

Understand problems, offer empathic solutions

A set of workshops where participants learn how to empathize with the problems their users have, how to define them, how to bring relevant solutions and, most important, how to validate them.


Give everyone an innovative voice

A custom web platformed developed to allow everyone to bring ideas, grow them and validate them. More than any other product, it creates the context for every idea to be shared, not lost.

It contains a software platform, the process behind it and an engagement plan to keep participants motivated to contribute.


Create Context for Ideation

Every employee has ideas, but without the right context, the ideas will be lost. SparkX offers multiple context-creation events and tools, ranging from hackathons to a software ideation platform.

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