Get Inspired and Change

Innovation is wanted but rarely understood. Before actions, experiences are needed which convince management and teams that innovation is a viable path. We inspire by putting changemakers, innovators and startups in the same room with your organization.

Then, we transform organizations with 4 programs: Diagnose, Strategy, Process and Culture.

WX Inspire

Experiences change beliefs

Put your organization’s management and teams face to face with innovators, inventors, changemakers and startups, and let experiences shape your beliefs towards innovation.

WX Diagnostic

Diagnose innovation readiness

Capture organizational innovation readiness, considering 6 blocks of innovation: resources, processes, success, values, behaviors, climate.

WX Strategy

Define the next steps of Innovation

Shape the innovation strategy of your organization through a set of top management workshops. Define the approach, goals, priorities and structure.

WX Process

Develop or refine your Innovation Process

Over the years we have built and tested an innovation process on hundreds of thousands of people. We know what works and what doesn’t. Let us tailor make our process to have an impact in your organization, from ideas to impact.

WX Culture

Innovation comes #peopleFirst

Understand the core values and behaviors of the organization and contribute to transforming it towards innovation.


Get Inspired and Change

Inspire management and teams by interacting with startups, innovators & helping them adopt innovation in their organizations.

Transform organizations with 4 programs: Diagnose, Strategy, Process and Culture.

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